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Sealed Aluminum Shipping and Storage Containers

From electronic equipment to high value aircraft components and everything in between, sealed aluminum shipping and storage containers are the preferred method of protection from rough handling and weather elements. From the desert heat of the Middle East to Air Force bases in Alaska, aluminum shipping and storage containers surpass the requirements needed to protect valuable assets. CRC’s unique integration of sealing and handling features into a single extrusion has allowed our designers to develop a building block design approach. When welded to CRC’s exclusive corner tubes, you have a container base that has all the below features. Containers accommodate various handling equipment including forklifts, pallet jacks, MJ-45 handtrucks and overhead slings. Tie Down, towing and lifting eyes/lugs are provided. The cover is constructed out of extrusions and formed aluminum sheet. Welded air tight, it becomes the upper half of the extruded aluminum container. Latched together it becomes a robust light weight shipping and storage container. Shock mitigation can be performed with cushioning material, shock mounted frame, or hold down arrangement.

CRC’s Shipping and Storage features:
  • Tongue and groove sealing
  • Shock mount bracket interface over center latches along with a built in skid
  • Optional closed fork pockets to add strength and mobility
  • High in strength
  • Light Weight
  • Exclusive corner tubes
  • Shock mitigation with cushioning or chock mounted frames
Example of CRC’s Containers:
  • Fan Module Containers
  • APU Containers
  • Rotor Containers
  • Gearbox Containers
  • AUR Engine Containers
  • Marine Turbine Containers
  • Space Vehicle Component Containers
  • Space Vehicle Containers
  • Air to Air Refueling Probe Container
  • Fuel Cell Container
  • Specialized Containers
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Plastic
Environmental Criteria:
  • Airtight
  • Watertight
  • Particle Free
  • Humidity Controlled
  • Environmental Control Unit Systems are available if required
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