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  • Certified in IS09001 and AS9100


  • Metal reusable shipping and storage containers up to 40ft long
  • Storage containers
  • Production platforms for aircraft
  • Maintenance platforms
  • Large weldments
  • Rotable Tooling
  • Full design engineering and testing
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Fabricated railway components
  • Refurbishing and repair services
  • Aftermarket & spare parts support
  • Painting, blasting, finishing services
  • Contract welding

CRC ensures that the products developed use the most efficient materials for a client’s needs. Thorough materials analysis enhances CRC’s ability to develop new and efficient product designs. This approach combines the most beneficial structural and physical properties identified to produce the best product for any given design requirement.

CRC offers clients in a variety of industries a complete range of services, from concept and prototyping through production and testing. Our production facilities allow us to offer a complete on-site manufacturing operation. CRC adheres to strict, government- and industry-accepted quality control procedures throughout our operations.

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