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  • Certified in IS09001 and AS9100


CRC performs dynamic testing in house with instrumentation excluding vibration and Performance Oriented Packaging (POP) testing.

  • Drop Test (flat, edge, rotational)
  • Impact Test
  • Air Test
  • Vacuum Test
  • Pull Test
  • Towing
  • High and Low Temperature
  • Rain Test
  • Stacking
  • Superimposed load
  • Mechanical handling (forklift)
  • Pallet Jack handling
  • MK-45 hand truck handling (Navy)
  • Hoisting (overhead lifting)

CRC partners with qualified specialty labs for additional testing as determined by customer requirements.

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What’s New?
  • Transportation Department

    CRC has opened an additional facility dedicated to fabricated railway components. CRC is proud to add railroad component manufacturing to our expertise and service offerings. Call CRC today or get in touch with one of our sales team members for more information.

  • Lean Mfg.

    100% of CRC employees will receive lean certification by 2011. Our dedication to Lean will pay dividends to our customers for years to come. Choose CRC and become part of our winning team

  • ISO

    Both CRC Glen Riddle and CRC Elkton are registered by QMI-SAI Global for both ISO9001 and AS9100. These certifications are audited annually for compliance by our registry.