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CRC has three facilities totaling 390,000 square feet and these facilities house state of the art equipment for all phases of production.

Machine Description (Qty)
Capability/Size Limit
Turret Punch Press (2)
35 ton .31" x 60" x 100"
Punch Presses (6)
150 ton max
Mechanical Press Brakes (5)
225 ton x 19’
CNC Hydraulic Brakes (2)
150 ton x 13’
Hydraulic Gang Punches (2)
21 ton punch
Hydraulic Notcher
24 ton x .25"thk
Rowe Coil Processing Line (1)
.135" thk x 60" W
Shears (2)
.31" thk x 12’ max
Rotary Shear and Flanging Machine (1)
.125" thk x 105" dia.
Universal Ironworker
15 ton .375" x 3.5 "x 3.5"
Cylinder Roller for Sheet & Light Plate
.25" x 10’ max
Ring Roller - Angles
.375" x 3.5" x 3.5"
Table Saw
10" dia.
Band Saws: Vertical (5)
36" throat
Horizontal (2)
6" deep, 12" wide
12" wideRadial Power Saws (2)
16" dia.
Drill Presses (12)
3" dia.
Belt Sanders (5)
Orbital Riveter, RN280
Fasti Hydraulic Universal Folding Machine
Equipment Description & Capabilities
Welding Robot: Fully automatic, programmable welder for aluminum and steel with .040 repeatability.
Seam Welder, Jetline: Fully automatic, 72" per pass for 144" max length.
Spot Welder for Aluminum and Steel: Programmable, 250 kVA, thru .25" thk
Welding Power Sources / Welding Machines: Capacity to 600 amps for MIG, TIG, and Electric Arc. New OTC Turbo 350 Programmable Power Source. Eight Miller Syncrowave 350-500 amp constant current AC/DC power sources for TIG and stick welding of aluminum and steel. Two Miller XMT 300 series with XR 15 wire feeders, Optima 300 amp constant current, constant control and voltage, and DC inverter power sources with pulsed MIG. Supported by fifteen new Miller XR 15 wire feeders. Eight Miller 350P Automated Welding machines with steel and aluminum capability, Five Automatic Seam Welding Systems, Six State of the Art 350-500 amp. MIG welders dedicated to heavy steel fabrication.
M.G. Cutting System, ESAB Com-U-Path 500 CNC Control: Six heads with 10’ x 10" coverage
Plasma Burning System: For aluminum and carbon, alloy, and stainless steels up to 6" plate.
Portable Plasma System:
Positioners (10): .25 lb. up to 8000 lb. capacity.
Wheelabrator: with 8’ table.
Equipment Description
Capability/Size Limit
Machining Center (2)
x-axis=60", y=30", z=30"
Vertical Mills (2)
32" x 9" to 60" x 12" table
Horizontal Mills (2)
60" x 12" to 100" x 20" table
TableTracer Lathe
36" swing
Surface Grinder
24" x 8" magnetic chuck
Flex Arm & Deburring System
60" x 24"
Equipment Description
Capability/Size Limit
Paint Spray Booths (3)
20’ x 45’
Tanks:   Cleaning
2200 gal
              Aluminum deoxidizer Bath
2200 gal
              Rinse (4)
2200 gal
Chromic acid conversion coating
2200 gal
Grit Blast Room (w/ steel grit)
12’ x 30’ x 10’
Glass Beading Room (for aluminum)
10’ x 22’ x 8’
Steelmaster Dual Head Wet Finishing Machine
53" x 5"
Conveyors (3)
8000 lb. max
Pressure Tank Spray Systems (7)
Various Silk Screening and Marking Equipment
Standard Table Size:
Standard Table Cutting Area:
Z Axis Travel
Z Axis Max Clearance
Positioning Accuracy
Speed Range

Dedicated testing area fully equipped to perform instrumented dynamic shock testing, static and dynamic load testing, handling tests and fit and function testing. Transportation testing, environmental and various vibration tests can also be administered. All testing is performed in accordance with customer specifications, military and/or commercial specifications.

Shock recording equipment, IST Data recorder for shock, temperature, humidity
and transportation data acquisition.
Various Vacuum and pressure gauges.
Various hydraulic and mechanical equipment for load testing
Load cell and scales to monitor load testing
IST dynamic test instrumentation with data acquisition
Test weights and rigging.
Capability/Size Limit
Bridge cranes (11)
2, 5, 10 ton
Hoists (32)
up to 8000 lbs
Forklifts and Pallet Trucks (13)
up to 8000 lbs
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    CRC has opened an additional facility dedicated to fabricated railway components. CRC is proud to add railroad component manufacturing to our expertise and service offerings. Call CRC today or get in touch with one of our sales team members for more information.

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    100% of CRC employees will receive lean certification by 2011. Our dedication to Lean will pay dividends to our customers for years to come. Choose CRC and become part of our winning team

  • ISO

    Both CRC Glen Riddle and CRC Elkton are registered by QMI-SAI Global for both ISO9001 and AS9100. These certifications are audited annually for compliance by our registry.