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CRC was founded in 1956 at a time when the military packaging industry was reevaluating the practice of shipping and storing military equipment and hardware in wooden crates. There was a recognized need for a safer environment to accommodate high-value large components shipping thousands of miles and often under hostile conditions. Three World War Two veterans joined forces to meet that need were Stanley Rines, Sr., a manufacturing expert, William Swan, a professional engineer, and Nicholas Sclufer, a business industry leader and developer.

The founders of CRC combined their engineering backgrounds and years of experience in the military packaging and preservation field to meet the challenge of providing clients with safe and efficient shipping and storage. Their solution was a sound one — replace the standard degradable frail wooden crate with a durable, lightweight metal container— make it reusable and integrate an efficient, shock-mitigating design into the container to protect the assets from mishandling and abuse typically encountered on long journeys.

The organization grew from a small, multi-building "mill" in Springfield, Pennsylvania and moved to its present location in Glen Riddle in 1963. The facilities were upgraded and expanded over the years to its 250,000 square foot plant in Glen Riddle, PA, a 40,000 square foot facility in Aston PA, and a 100,000 assembly plant in Elkton, MD.

The company has thrived on the development of a vast range of containers and other products primarily related to the aerospace industry and have expanded to weapons, satellite and commercial industries and continue to be a leader in the field of design, development, engineering and manufacturing.

CRC is a well-respected veteran-owned, small business and is committed to a level of quality, safety, reliability and technical competence on which our clients can depend on.

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What’s New?
  • Transportation Department

    CRC has opened an additional facility dedicated to fabricated railway components. CRC is proud to add railroad component manufacturing to our expertise and service offerings. Call CRC today or get in touch with one of our sales team members for more information.

  • Lean Mfg.

    100% of CRC employees will receive lean certification by 2011. Our dedication to Lean will pay dividends to our customers for years to come. Choose CRC and become part of our winning team

  • ISO

    Both CRC Glen Riddle and CRC Elkton are registered by QMI-SAI Global for both ISO9001 and AS9100. These certifications are audited annually for compliance by our registry.

Our Facilities
  • CRC, Glen Riddle, PA 250,000
    SF manufacturing space with capacity to handle very large products and the ability to integrate products into a lean permanent production line.
  • CRC, Elkton, MD 100,000.
    Our lean manufacturing assembly plant also houses our shelter and blade box refurbishment division.
  • Flextron Aston, PA 40,000.
    Our cushion and storage facility also houses our waterjet.